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1956 to 2004 - 48 years and Sherwin Linton is still singing the songs of Elvis, Marty Robbins, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, and Johnny Cash with the same vitality that made them classics. He also performs many of his own hits and originals, plus a great variety of Traditional Country, Folk, Gospel, and Cowboy songs. With an estimated repertoire of over 5,000 songs, he can entertain any audience anywhere. With the release of his new CD, "It Happened In America," and the re-release of the classic 70's tribute, "Hello, I'm Not Johnny Cash," Sherwin has developed a new fan base of college students and younger generation hipsters. Sherwin's talents have been recognized by special articles and reviews in such far reaching sources as The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, and NBC Nightly News.

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Fri., September 20, 2013, 7:30PM Online ticket sales closed

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